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Can mobile power charge the phone while charging?
2019-05-13 08:47:16

There are three main states of the mobile power supply, one is to charge itself, one is in a sleep state, and one is to charge other devices.

    It looks very simple, but mobile power will appear more complicated in actual use. This is not, some netizens ask questions on the Internet: Can mobile power charge the mobile phone while charging? The following Volvo mobile power manufacturers come to answer this question for everyone.

Can mobile power charge the phone while charging?

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 While charging the mobile power source, the mobile phone is used to charge the mobile phone, which is often referred to as the charging and charging function. Now many mobile power sources support the function of charging and charging.

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    However, different mobile power supplies have different designs. Some mobile power supplies default to fully charge the mobile phone and then charge the mobile power. Some charge the mobile power first and then charge the mobile phone. Some mobile power supplies are charged with the mobile phone, and some also have The mobile power supply does not support the side charge function.

So what kind of function does your mobile power support, or you need to buy mobile power manufacturers to understand.

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