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How to choose between quality and profit for mobile power manufacturers
2019-05-10 11:36:44

A few years ago, it can be said that the mobile phone manufacturers have the best sales stage. At that time, the demand for smart phones directly catalyzed the mobile power market. The threshold for the production of mobile power itself is relatively low, and because of the demand in the mobile power market, it has directly led to the emergence of various mobile power manufacturers in recent years. Old manufacturers and new manufacturers directly compete, the most common means of competition is price wars, some manufacturers have lowered the quality to sell at low prices, and high-quality manufacturers have to reduce their own profits in order to compete with these manufacturers. As a result, the survival space of such manufacturers has become smaller and smaller.

How to choose between quality and profit for mobile power manufacturers


So how do mobile power manufacturers choose quality and profit directly? The right to decide whether to quality or profit is in the mobile power manufacturers, and in this harsh competitive environment, many well-known brands of mobile power manufacturers, like volpower, have chosen quality. What are the invisible benefits of choosing quality that can be brought to these vendors?

First, word of mouth


Although the profit of the mobile power manufacturers with professional design is not big, they have won the reputation of customers. As long as customers feel good reputation, even if they move more expensive in the same category, they will still choose.

Second, the brand effect

When the quality of mobile power is raised, even if there is a certain difference in profits and malicious competition. However, the quality of the brand will have a certain influence in the hearts of customers in the future. Even if other fields are involved in the future, it will bring greater benefits due to the brand effect.

How to choose between quality and profit for mobile power manufacturers

Third, the corporate image

After people buy low-priced mobile power, they found that this is actually a mobile power manufacturer that reduces the quality for profit. This is a serious hazard to the image of a company. The image of the company is not only important to the employees of the company, but also more important to the customers. It is not wise to do this for the long-term development of the company.

I believe that a successful mobile power manufacturer will not deliberately reduce the quality of its products for profit in a harsh competitive environment. From the development trend of the world enterprises, enterprises that reduce the quality of enterprise products for profit often go not far, and the ones that really come to the end are the enterprises that choose quality.


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