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How to use the charging treasure mobile power to extend its service life
2019-05-10 09:13:31

It can be said that many people are mobile phone parties, mobile phones are definitely not leaving, everyone knows how to use charging treasure, charging treasure is also called mobile power, with the popularity of smart phones, the demand for mobile power is also increasing, how Charging mobile power, how to effectively extend the life of mobile power has naturally become a concern.

    First, charge correctly: Before the mobile power supply, the manufacturers will have surplus power. The charging time of different capacity mobile power supplies is different. For example, the P66 has a mobile power supply with a capacity of 10000 mAh. It usually takes about 6 hours to fully charge. Because it uses a polymer lithium battery, it can be directly charged, and the manufacturer generally reserves 70%-80% of the power, the first charge is 2-3 hours. The P65C's 20000 mAh mobile power supply takes 13 hours to fill, but capacity is not the only criterion for judgment.


How to use the charging treasure mobile power to extend its service life

   Second, pay attention to regular charging. Even if the mobile power supply is not used often, it is best to charge it periodically. It is best to keep 50% of the electricity stored in the room and store it in a dry environment at room temperature. Full power storage will reduce the life of the power supply, and over-discharge will occur if it is not stored. After the mobile power is fully charged, the recharge time should not be too long: after charging, avoid placing it on the charger for more than 12 hours.

   Try to avoid mechanical vibrations again: impacts, trampling, hammering, or piercing the inner battery case with sharp objects can cause performance degradation or even a safety hazard. Usually pay attention not to throw, knock or vibrate the mobile power, try to avoid accidental landing during use.

   Finally move the power supply to avoid water ingress. Many people may also pay great attention to how mobile power is used at the very beginning, but they don't care much after using it for a while. However, we must ensure that we avoid water ingress. If there is water, there may be a short circuit in the circuit inside. Even if it is still available, it is not recommended to continue to use it to avoid unpredictable dangers.


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