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According to statistics, mobile power manufacturers in Shenzhen.
2019-05-10 16:54:59

According to statistics, mobile power manufacturers in Shenzhen have experienced rapid growth in mobile power sales in recent years. Various types of mobile power sources have been released, and various types of mobile power sources have been designed for different applications. However, no matter what kind of power supply is used, there are some common precautions. Do not use it illegally to prevent a safety hazard. The following volpower tells you about the use of mobile power.

Mobile power manufacturers tell you about mobile power usage precautions

First, do not use in an abnormal environment (very low temperature, high temperature)

Good mobile power manufacturers recommend that you should be cautious if the temperature environment exceeds 35 °C. If the temperature environment has exceeded 40 °C, then the mobile power supply should be terminated immediately to prevent damage to the circuit due to extreme environment. Long-term operation in high temperature and high temperature environment will accelerate the aging of the mobile power supply.

Second, do not touch the liquid (waterproof and dustproof)

When using mobile power, be sure to keep the plane in which it is placed dry. If the plane is too humid or can not be used when there is clear water, the mobile power manufacturer recommends that the bottom of the mobile power supply be padded with a layer of absorbent cotton cloth to prevent flat moisture or dust from entering the life.

Third note that the data head should not be placed outside (to avoid loose joints)

When a mobile power source with good quality is used, the mobile terminal should be completely embedded in the USB interface of the mobile power supply. Be careful not to let some of the data heads go outside, which will make the data interface loose, and it may also cause abnormal charging, which will reduce the overall life of the mobile power.

Fourth, pay attention to prevent gravity extrusion (to avoid damage to the structure)

At present, the external materials of mobile power are mainly made of plastic and alloy metal, which have certain pressure resistance. However, the mobile power supply is a relatively sophisticated mobile charging device. If the internal circuit position changes after extrusion, the charging efficiency and charging safety may be affected. Therefore, the mobile power manufacturer reminds not to place the heavy object on the mobile power supply. on.

The above volpower mobile power supply for mobile power use precautions. Mobile power manufacturers also reminded: It is best not to place the mobile power in a tightly sealed object, although it can have a certain protective effect, but it will often affect the heat dissipation of the mobile power supply, if it has abnormal heat dissipation Will affect its service life.

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