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How many milliamps of charging treasure can get on the plane?
2019-04-17 16:50:57

Charging treasure at 20,000 mAh and below charging treasure and the maximum voltage is 5 volts, but also have a clear 3C certification charging Baoding energy greater than 100Wh, less than or equal to 160Wh charging treasure is allowed to take the plane.

The rated energy Wh (watt hour) is directly marked on the charging treasure

1. Rated energy ≤100Wh does not require airline approval.

2.100Wh < rated energy ≤ 160Wh can be carried after approval by the airline.

3. Rated energy >160Wh It is strictly forbidden to carry.

4. The rated energy is not indicated, and the rated energy is not calculated by other parameters marked.

5, three no" or the identification is not clear, the charging treasure is prohibited to carry boarding

The charging treasure that I made myself, the "three no" charging treasure, the charging treasure without any logo or logo identification, can not get on the plane even if the capacity is qualified. In addition, charging treasures with incomplete scalars, such as charging treasures with rated voltage or rated current but no rated capacity, cannot be boarded.

6, charging treasure rated energy (Wh) = rated voltage (V) × rated capacity (mAh) / 1000<160Wh or charging treasure capacity less than 20000 mAh (mAh) and the voltage less than 5V charging treasure can bring the aircraft.

7. Each passenger can carry 2 pieces that meet the above conditions.

Take charge treasure on the plane

Extended information:

A number of airport security inspection staff said that lithium is a very unstable metal. Lithium-containing batteries and charging treasures are prone to high temperatures and sparks during friction or collision. If you put them directly into your baggage, you will have to go through it. High-altitude and low-pressure environments are more severe than the usual environmental tests. Once accidentally caught fire, it will endanger flight safety.

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