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The use of charging treasure of knowledge
2019-04-17 16:51:10

The use of charging treasure of knowledge

Since mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives, the equipment needed around them is getting more and more. Among them, charging treasure is a commonly used tool. Of course, it is not necessary to get away from home, but if you need to go far away, you need it. In a few days, the charging treasure is very useful.

But here is still to remind everyone that charging treasure must not be charged on the body, and while charging while charging, there is a possibility of explosion, charging as far as possible from the human body.

Charging treasure is also called mobile power, there are some simple, just like the picture below, there are only four lights on it to indicate the speed and time of charging and charging the phone.

This is a more advanced style, although the price is slightly higher, but the digital display of power and speed, very intuitive, should be recommended.

We generally think that electrical appliances have switches, charging treasures are also, that is the little thing, you need to press 3 seconds to close. But this feature is optional, charging treasure is smart storage and charging the phone, so no special switch is required .

Charging treasure is generally divided into 5 times and 10 times, 5 times is often about 10,000 mAh power supply, and 10 times is about 20,000 power supply, this is the most important parameter, but also the watershed of price, so everyone is buying When you must look at the capacity of the charging treasure, this is the main nature.

There are three holes here, the small one in the middle is the input current, the other two are 1A, and the other is 2A. To put it plainly, it is a faster charging and a slower charging. Of course, it is also designed to require equipment.

The charging treasure has four display power and charging speed. When charging the charging treasure, the four lights will flash one by one. As the power increases, the four slowly light up and no longer flash, indicating that the charging has been completed. Pull it out, pay attention to the 20,000 mAh charging treasure even to be full 24 hours.

20000mah power bank

The same charging treasure is always flashing when charging the phone, until it is full, it stops.

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