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Do you often use mobile power to damage your phone?
2019-04-17 16:50:48

More and more mobile power is being used, but since mobile power is a very new type of electronic product, his working principle, compatibility, etc., are generally poorly understood by consumers. A few years ago, we purchased digital products with a few spare batteries. Since the backup battery is more troublesome to charge, the charging time is too long and can only be charged one by one. For some high-end players, this efficiency is estimated to be equipped with several chargers. Trains with mobile power on the road came into being. It is an epoch-making product. As long as the mobile power is in hand, then the crazy players can give a lasting effort.

Do you often use mobile power to damage your phone?

But the problem is coming out. Is the mobile power supply on the market harmful to our digital hardware or battery? First of all, I can definitely say that using high-end mobile power that meets the specifications is not harmful to your digital hardware. Wopin Technology talks about the specifications of mobile power from four aspects.

1. There must be a constant current during the discharge of the mobile power supply. And the current can't be too big or too small. Typical digital currents range from 600 mA to 1000 mA. The tablet needs about 2000 mAh. This data is also the standard parameter for most mobile power supplies on the market.

2, mobile power must comply with the three C standards for electronic products

3. The output voltage of the mobile power supply must be stable. The output voltage must be in a stable region between 4.2V and 5V. Because most of the digital products in the market charge voltage is 4.2V, too high is likely to damage the appliance.

4, the mobile power supply's own protection circuit must pass. Many garbage product protection circuits on the market are completely absent. Over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit must be triple-protected.

In general, the voltage and current output of the mobile power supply is stable, and the protection system is in place, which will not damage your digital products and batteries.

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