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How does the phone always have no power? Your charging method must be a problem
2019-04-17 13:45:22

How long can your phone battery last? Can it be used for 1 day? Sometimes a blink of a kung fu mobile phone has no power, slow response, crash, simply shut down? At this time, have you ever thought about your charging method? If you want to go out all day without worrying about the phone being out of power, then you have to adjust the charging method:

     1, do not always keep the phone fully charged

     Research shows that batteries, like people, don't want to be under pressure, and don't expect to be "100% fully charged." As long as you don't put pressure on the battery, the battery will naturally be used for a long time, so there is no need to fully charge the phone.


     2. When the phone is fully charged, do not plug in the charger.

     When the phone is fully charged, if it continues to charge, it will cause loss of the battery, so it is best to develop the habit of charging before going to bed and plugging in the charger until the next morning.

     3, the phone charging time is best to have time to fill it.

     The study found that the battery is like a human, likes to eat more than a day, hate to eat a meal a day. If you can, charge it every day, not just for a long time to charge once a day. In detail, it is best to charge the battery after about 10% of the charge. This is ideal. It is preferable to charge a few times a day.


    4, the phone does not overheat

    The battery is very sensitive to heat, and the phone often overheats and damages the battery. In other words, if the battery overheats during charging, stop charging immediately; if the phone is exposed to the sun, cover it with a cloth, and avoid overheating the phone to affect the battery.

5, use high quality charger and charging treasure

   Once the original charger is lost or broken, you will buy a new charger. At this time, you should pay special attention to avoid buying a charger that is inferior and does not have a protective circuit to prevent damage to the mobile phone battery or even an explosion accident. In addition, many When people go out to travel, they will use the charging treasure to charge the mobile phone. At this time, the charging treasure has become another important factor that may damage the mobile phone. Only by purchasing the mobile power source produced by the brand manufacturer that meets the quality standards can we guarantee that our mobile phone will not be overcharged. Over-current and over-voltage damage can greatly improve the service life of mobile phones.

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