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Three points for rational selection of mobile power
2019-05-10 15:43:44

Smartphones and mobile power have become the new standard for mobile travel nowadays. Mobile phones that love to play mobile phones will carry a mobile power supply. A high-quality mobile power bank not only extends battery life, but also is safe and reliable. However, many friends choose mobile power to consider the appearance and neglect the practicality and security. So how do you choose a mobile phone with good quality? Below Wopin Technology, some mobile phone power supply selection knowledge.

Three points for rational selection of mobile power

First, choose mobile power depends on battery capacity

The normal battery capacity is below 1600mAH, so the battery capacity in the 1800-2200mAH category is mostly false propaganda. Should mobile phone mobile power be blindly pursued with large capacity? The larger the capacity, the larger the volume of the product, which is not conducive to portable use. Moreover, the large battery capacity will cause long-term charging problems. Therefore, it is not recommended to select an excessive battery capacity from the viewpoints of safety, portability and cost.

Second, choose mobile power depends on security

Mobile phone power supply security We should pay attention to two aspects, the first is related to the security of the mobile power itself, and secondly whether it causes damage to the downstream charging equipment. Mobile power security is evaluated from the battery and circuit. The most mainstream batteries nowadays are ordinary lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are generally safer, but lithium batteries are long-lasting and equipped with standard explosion-proof holes to avoid the risk of an overall explosion of the cells. Regular batteries require regular circuit protection to provide overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

Third, choose mobile power depends on safety certification

Reputable mobile power sources are certified to international standards. Different countries have well-known certifications, such as 3C (China), FCC (United States), UL (United States), CE (EU) certification, etc., volpower.com has passed these certifications, when choosing mobile power, The more safety certifications that are met, the more assured the quality.

mobile power CE

mobile power FCC

mobile power

mobile power RHOS

Nowadays, people who can see mobile power in their mobile phones can be seen everywhere. This digital necessities is also our service and also related to our safety. I hope that readers will be aware of the necessity of selecting a high-quality mobile power source after reading the above, and can understand the appearance. The price is only one aspect to consider, and the safety, safety certification and reasonable battery capacity are in our hands. The interests are more relevant.

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