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You have to know about the maintenance of mobile power
2019-05-13 08:43:35

Many people bought a mobile power supply

Little or no attention to how to care for her

I want to put it on how to put it.

How do you get it?

Big mistake

In fact, mobile power maintenance is like maintaining skin

There must also be a set.

The skin is well maintained, 40 years old looks like 30 years old, how wonderful

Maintenance is not good, 20 years old looks like a middle-aged, how bad

The same is true for mobile power

Good maintenance, long life, not easy to be bad

Maintenance is not good, it will be over in an instant.

pd 3.0 power bank

 1. Always use it. Complete a full charge and discharge for the mobile power supply at regular intervals, preferably once a month. When it is used for the first time, it can be used directly because the mobile power has been charged to about 75% of the power.


    2. To be charged with electricity. If the mobile power supply is not used for a long time, it is best to store it electrically, and it is best to store it with 75% of the power. Full power storage will reduce the service life; over-discharge will occur if the battery is not charged, which is not good for mobile power.

 solar power bank

    3. Pay attention to the storage environment. Avoid high temperature, keep away from heat, or store in low temperature environment; avoid contact with metal materials, unnecessary short circuit; storage environment should be ventilated and dry, humidity reduced.


wireless power bank

    4. Avoid breaking the cans. Minimize the mechanical vibration of the mobile power source to avoid impact, pedaling, hammering or piercing the inner battery case with sharp objects. These behaviors can cause performance degradation or even safety incidents in mobile power. No need to disassemble the mobile power supply by yourself.

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